Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Halima's summary of how to get the best of the BWE work

Many black women claim they want change in their lives and their circumstances, however, they continue to apply the same principles and believe the same views, ideas and explanations that will simply keep them in lack and the frustration, the kind they can clearly see in the lives of their older sisters and such that even attends their lives!

There will be a need for a radical change in thinking and ideas that black women carry about and cleave to for black women to move forward in any sort of progressive way. Surely if one is not experiencing any success using a particular approach, then it is time to change.

I ask black women, are you eager for change?

I ask this because there are some black women who resist changing their mind or they strongly resist entertaining a new approach. This will be a hindrance.

So my advice on getting the best of BWE work is:

(a) You must be willing to shift in your mentality

Many black women do not recognise that it is the game they are playing and the rules they are confined to (or confining themselves to) that is the problem, not the amount of effort they are putting into it.

Many of us put so much effort into achieving a specific outcome and are not achieveing yet never asking 'was it ever really to achieve'. Have you ever taken time to survey the situation to see if indeed it is one that was set to yield in the first place (hopefully before you invest too much time and energy)?

If a model, a concept, a framework an ideal etc is not ‘adding up’,  or is falsely premised, then it doesnt matter how much you struggle to make it work,

Take a moment to think about this.

An example of a unfruitful model, is washing a greasy stain with soap. The model does not work or yield enough of the desired outcome, which is total removal of the stain from a white shirt. It is thus a flawed approach. This is the reality regardless of the amount of effort you put into scrubbing.

The model of using mere soap then, to wash out stains just does not work.

And to further this principle, it is of the utmost importance for black women to find their fertile ground and the rich mineral vein that is ready to 'yield' up to them, than stand around waiting for that which is 'set against them'.

I encourage you to visit this website read through the archives and buy everything available from the author. She deals with lifestyle optimisation for black women and she has a reality based approach to black women living and thriving. 

Remember you will never get back time lost doing something futile so it is important to jump to whatever you know you need to do that will be productive!

Again I will reiterate by saying that planting in nutrient depleted soil, will yield very little no matter how hard you till that soil, or how superior the seed.

Do you see parallels with what black women are doing and how hard they work to make the grade, and yet end up with so little or how they struggle to achieve in unprofitable markets in their love lives and relationships, possibly because they have been told this is the only places they should confine their energies.

The black women needs to learn to stand apart and take a look at all the things she is instructed to do and not just think ‘putting her back into it’ is what will make an outcome happen.

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