Thursday, 19 May 2011

Santoshi's real plan and out thinking all of us

I just have a few sentences to add to what has already been written. I will start by saying 'mud sticks'.

I hear and see people pointing out the so called doctor's crappy methodology and labelling him 'stupid' etc for not even being able to follow simple research methods, and producing a research analysis that even a high schooler would be ashamed to put their name to, but in calling Santoshi a stupid person unworthy of a PHD, maybe we have fallen for his rouse big time.

See I find it hard to believe that a lecturer in London School of Economics doesn’t know how to make a logic argument or follow applicable and acceptable research methodology or didnt know that his approach would be taken apart in all of two seconds. His methods were just so ... substandard that you just have to consider that Santoshi's objective wasnt ever to do sound research and reach sound research conclusions, and wasn’t only about controversy and page clicks but was about dumping something into public domain that black women would forever struggle with.

I can hear people in years to come saying something like, 'wasn’t there a study done some years back that proved that black women were unattractive/had more testosterone/were more masculine?' and this simple question even unanswered, even unverified would lend weight to

Indeed how many of us dont have some 'notion' gleaned from the myth of or even a true study or research done sometime and somewhere often times we get the wrong end of the stick. I know I have had to go on 'snoopes' or even google to check a few facts sometimes, but how many people do this kind of verification of impressions. Very few. And then there are those who prefer their wrong impressions for whatever reason or dont even feel they need as a principle to 'check anything out', especially when whatever impression is not exactly such important and looming an issue in their lives!

You see whether it is true or not is irrelevant, just like the old bell curve study, these 'research conclusions' reverberate into the future and stick to public imagination (not that much was needed by way of encouragement to brand black women unattractive). they will be used as a stick for black women even by those who know it is untrue.

Essentially Santoshi has thrown his weight and credentials (whether you think 'how did he get awarded them' or not) behind one of the next big urban myths that will circulate for years to come.

One thing that Santoshi's study highlighted for me again is racio-misogyny (misogyny reserved for black women) is real, dont let anyone tell you otherwise!